International Network fo Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in Arctic

Stories of Arctic Science II
ive e-book
The INTERACTive e-book takes the reader on a continuing journey through the Arctic and neighbouring alpine and forest areas, and presents the excitement and adventure that a group of researchers both enjoy and endure. The book consists of seven highly illustrated sections focusing on: different ways of knowing, human impacts on Arctic environments, ecosystem services, minimising surprises for society, impacts on local and global societies and ways of working together.

The e-book has been developed to provide wider content for the public, students and school children with videos, animations and activities.

The project was created by INTERACT, a circumarctic network of more than 88 terrestrial field bases in Arctic, alpine and neighbouring forest areas. The main objective of INTERACT is to provide a platform for identifying, understanding, predicting and responding to current environmental changes that take place in the Arctic and neighbouring areas.
International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic