Airborne delivery versus surface accumulation of Microbes, Mineral dust and Black Carbon onto the Greenland Ice Sheet

Did you know?
Ecosystems occur in and on glaciers (see story 3.1 in this book and 3.3 in Science Stories I).
Contaminants come from industries from the south. They come from power plants, wildfires, agricultural burning, dust from soil and deserts, wood-burning stoves, automobile exhausts, etc.
The contaminants travel to the Arctic with the wind and air circulation.
Contaminants are covered by new snow and provide records in ice cores (see story 1.2).
The consequences of the contaminants include faster snow-melt. When the ice is less white, it can cause less sunlight to be reflected back into space – like wearing a white shirt on a hot day versus a black shirt - making the Arctic ice melt even more.
Black carbon can also pollute water (see story 2.2).

Get Active!
Black Carbon Bingo
Instructions for Teachers:
All students should select nine words from the list below and write one word in each of the blank spaces on their bingo card.
Read out the definitions of the words below at random, noting which have been used at the same time.
If the students think they have the word that matches the definition, then they should cross it through on their bingo card.
The winner is the first person with a line (horizontal or vertical) and then a full house.
Check the winners' words on their bingo cards to make sure that they have crossed off the correct word for each definition that you have read out.
Each term is connected to black carbon in one way or another. Can your students figure out how?

Instructions for Students:
Select nine words from the list below and write each word in a blank space within the grid (your bingo card).
Then, listen carefully as your teacher reads out a variety of definitions.
When you hear a definition that matches one of the words on your bingo card, put a cross through that word.
Call out 'bingo' when you have a horizontal or vertical line or a full house (when you have crossed out all nine words on your card).
The winners are the first person with a line (horizontal or vertical) and then a full house.