How an insect-eating shorebird may reduce the harmful effects of a warming Arctic

Did you know?
Insects are a major food source for migrating birds.
Many birds (almost half of European birds) are globetrotters - About 600 million birds visit the Arctic each summer. Some come from as far away as Dubai and the Antarctic.
When birds migrate to the Arctic they escape from predators but they need insect food at a specific development stage (for example before they form the flying stage).
Small birds fly as high as planes with temperatures down to -56 degrees Celsius.
Some birds use stop over places (pit stops!) on their routes to the Arctic and back.

Get Active!
Migrating birds
Plot where birds that migrate to the Arctic come from and how far they travel. How long did it take to do the journey? Some examples are already given in the table below. Can you find the missing information?
Develop a bird top trumps card game with information from the table above with a card for each bird!