Treating Arctic Peoples with respect

Did you know?
Many Arctic Peoples lived in much larger areas in the past than today, for example the Sámi. However, colonisation of the north by "southerners " has reduced their home lands.
Also, in the past, Arctic Peoples were studied as exotic and different people. Today, they are partners in research and in some cases, manage their own territories.

Fascinating Fact!
The colours of the Sámi flag from 1986 (blue, red, yellow and green) are those most commonly found on traditional Sámi garbs. The circle derives from the sun, in red, a symbol appearing on many shaman drums. The blue half of the circle represents the moon.
The Sami flag flying outside a cabin | www.wikiwand.com

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Be kind! It's really easy — all you have to do is say something nice to the person next to you. Alternatively, think of someone and write down what you like about them, then when you next see them — share it with them! This kindness activity is important to show respect for one another, learn from each other and share kindness. It is also important to remember to always work as a team and include other people's perspectives, background and opinions. We can do this just like the Sámi People and scientists work together for a common goal when researching the Arctic! It is important to remember that Arctic Peoples are not objects of study. Respect for one another while researching is essential.